Parma In The 1990s – Defining Italian Football’s Golden Age

To sum up the strength of Italian football towards the end of the 20th century, you need only look at the team that helped Parma dismantle French outfit Olympique Marseille in the 1999 UEFA Cup final. On the night, a 3-0 win at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium cemented their dominance. These were calcio’s glory years, Serie[…]

Chievo continue to punch above their weight in Serie A

Hellas Verona fans were fairly confident. “Donkeys will fly before Chievo play in Serie A,” went the famous chant directed towards their city rivals throughout the 1990s. Their postulation was entirely understandable. Chievo, a tiny suburb to the west of Verona with just 4500 inhabitants, had never even come close to reaching the Italian top-flight.[…]