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SM18 Update: New Matchday Camera Angles, Improved Board Confidence and More

We have released a new BETA Build for Android.

The major changes include:

  • Improved board confidence;
  • Sackings & Job offers enabled;
  • Matchday camera angles;
  • Two way communication and save upload on in-game Support.

Major Bug fixes include:

  • Media questions disabled;
    • Believed to cause save issues;
  • Players recovered from long term injuries can contribute to matches;
  • No more ET or Pens during League matches;
  • Different results recorded to that seen in match;
  • Stadium corners;
  • Sackings only occur when confidence is low;
  • Knockout competition, victory by Pens correct result recorded.

Please continue to report any issues you find, your feedback has been invaluable so far!