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First Look – Soccer Manager 2018 Manager Traits & Assistant Manager

Soccer Manager 2018 is under now development and will be released later in the year. Here are some screenshots of the current work in progress as we are introducing Manager Traits and an Assistant Manager:

Each manager has their own unique style of management and we want this to be reflected in SM18 with the introduction of Manager Traits. At each level the manager will need to make a one time decision on which trait to choose to fit their style of play and how they want to mould their management career.

Another new feature for SM18 is a new facility in the form of the Assistant Manager with a tech tree. There will be three different routes the manager can fill depending on how they want to mould their team, the three routes are: attacking, defending and physical.

Whilst the game is under development, we will post regular updates on new features, improvements etc and we’d love to hear your feedback on our forums.