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Alisson Becker – Brazil’s Future Goalkeeping Great?


Throughout history, Brazilian footballers  have always been renowned for their skills, technique, speed and defensive solidity too. It’s safe to say that it is possible to find  Brazilian legends in almost all positions, such as Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Carlos Alberto, Kaka, Socrates, Rivelino, Zico, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Pele, and Romario, to name but a few.

But it’s really hard to find many top Brazilian goalkeepers. Without taking anything away from legends such as Nelson Dida, Julio Cesar, Claudio Taffarel or Rogerio Ceni, the role has never been considered a Brazilian speciality.

We found a very hot prospect for the future of Brazil. A young goalkeeper called Alisson Becker who plays for Internacional and there’s a very good chance he’s going to transfer to A.S. Roma in July

.At 23 years old, he possesses good reactions, is a key member in his team’s squad and starting line up.  As you would expect to find with most Brazilians he is good with his feet, however he has to improve his mental approach to the matches, to eradicate potential problems developing from what should be avoidable situations.

STRENGTHS: Reactivity, agility, footwork, goal cover, physique and height

WEAKNESSES: pressure handling, self-confidence.

Prior to the emergence of Becker, the Brazilian goal was defended by Jefferson, who is perhaps not considered a ‘top’ goalkeeper and in all fairness is not a household name outside of Brazil.

With his reputation on the rise, he is certainly one to keep an eye on for the future. Also with him set to be called up regularly by the Brazilian national team combined with the proposed transfer to AS Roma, he certainly has the right foundations in place for him to develop even further.

At the age of 23 he has a decade and beyond ahead of him. Who knows, we could be talking about him in the same sentence as other Brazilian legends when we look back on his career in years to come.

About the Author – Marco Santanche

Marco was born in Rome and supports Inter because of Luis Nazario da Lima Ronaldo. He’s a Brazilian citizen because of his father’s roots, and he played futsal for several years, even in FIGC (the italian FA) as a winger, playmaker, striker. He is now studying for a degree in finance.


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