The Rise of the Premier Leagues Most Underrated Keeper

Adrian San Miguel del Castillo, the penalty scoring goalkeeper who has won the hearts of West Ham fans and the applause of the opposition. Commonly known as just ‘Adrian’ the former Betico has settled in to life in London with a series of impressive performances. Hammers fans traditionally love players that show immense passion and[…]

Les Bleu’s – Three To Watch

France’s match against England tonight represents much more than the actions that are going to take place on the pitch. Tonight offers a chance for the French to send a message of hope to their public after the tragedy that occurred over the weekend. Les Bleu’s have often been the voice of society, for example[…]

Conservatism, Data and the Suffocation of English Football

Vicente Del Bosque sit’s back in a chair during an interview with journalist Sid Lowe and proclaims “There is no English football anymore, not authentic style”. He continues to explain that England’s constant change in footballing philosophy and foreign imports has meant that the soul of English football has been ripped out. He has a[…]

Andalusia and the Importance of the Homegrown Player

Home to historical towns, magnificent climates and food Andalusia is one of the most attractive regions in the whole of Spain. The autonomous Spanish community is also home to one of the fiercest derbies in the world, three footballing powerhouses and an impressively long list of players who have came out of the region. Spanish[…]

Ferreira Carrasco Announces A New Era For Atlético

Dispossessing the ever dependent Enzo Perez in the right-back position before skipping past Andre Gomes with an impressive change of pace and firing a stinging shot into the bottom left hand corner, Yannick Ferreira Carrasco announced himself to Atlético de Madrid fans. More importantly he announced the new look Atlético to the world. Since their[…]

Talent Radar: 5 of the Worlds Most Talented Young Centre Backs

Podcasts, forums, opinion articles and talk shows almost always clash over the standards of todays defending. Are attackers simply much better than they were a decade ago when Italian Serie A sides were disappointed to let one goal in. Do attackers get the benefit of the doubt for big decisions? Or are defenders simply getting[…]

Long Term Identity and Success Come Hand in Hand in World Foobtall

Identity is underrated in football, but style is revered. However, style comes directly from the identity of a team, which can come in two forms – formation and player type. Over the years so many successful teams have had a strong identity coupled with a unique style of play, stemming from a good relationship between[…]

Blinkered Premier League Clubs Will Continue To Fail In Europe

As the final whistle sounds at the Emirates 10 blue shirts streak across the immaculate pitch to a hoard of fans jumping in sync. Olympiakos have just felled English giants Arsenal on their home turf, a David vs. Goliath triumph. On the same night Chelsea were slayed in the Dragon Stadium by FC Porto and a man[…]