Alisson Becker – Brazil’s Future Goalkeeping Great?

Throughout history, Brazilian footballers  have always been renowned for their skills, technique, speed and defensive solidity too. It’s safe to say that it is possible to find  Brazilian legends in almost all positions, such as Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Carlos Alberto, Kaka, Socrates, Rivelino, Zico, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Pele, and Romario, to name but a few. But[…]


Quadruple Dreams and Impact of Recent Financial Changes

At the start of last week I had hopes of achieving a quadruple in Gold Championship 7 (Game World ID 3065) and it got me wondering how many managers in a Gold Championship have actually achieved this? To achieve a quadruple is a unique achievement. It’s something that I wanted to try and achieve. I had[…]


Soccer Manager Worlds v2.01 Work in Progress

Usually posts referring to game updates are posted on our forum but I know that not everyone uses this medium. Due to this i’m going to start posting regular updates on our blog about what we’re currently working on in Soccer Manager Worlds. The first thing you’ll notice that in the title of this post[…]


Portuguese Prospects of the Future

The Portuguese league is full of wonderkids, and many of those are already being pursued by several European sharks. It’s a major priority amongst Portuguese football clubs to develop these youngsters, especially with the growing financial cuts in buying foreign players. And it’s not only the smaller clubs who have increased the investment in the[…]


Soccer Manager Worlds – Stadium Building

On 2 December, 2015, we relaunched Soccer Manager Worlds to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Part of this relaunch included revisions to how attendances and stadium building work. We always listen to our communities feedback and monitor any changes that we make to the game. At this moment we are currently making several changes to how the Game[…]